Advantien's Tim Burney Discusses ASC Orthopedic and Spine Supply Chain Optimization With Becker's ASC Review

Tim Burney, Chief Executive Officer for Advantien, has participated in a Q&A with Becker's ASC Review on how ASCs can improve the value of their spine and orthopedic procedures.

In the column, titled "How orthopedic & spine ASCs can optimize their supply chain: Advantien CEO & founder Tim Burney weighs in," Tim answers the following questions:

  • What are the biggest sources of waste in the supply chain for traditional orthopedic and spine procedures?
  • How are companies innovating to become more efficient and cost-effective in orthopedic and spine implant design and distribution?
  • What tactics are the smartest ASC owners and operators using in the supply chain to maximize the value of orthopedic and spine procedures?
  • Where do you see orthopedic and spine implant supply chain innovation going in the future?
  • What impact does an improved supply chain have on orthopedic and spine ASCs?      

To view the article, click here. To learn how Advantien can help your ASC optimize its orthopedic and spine supply chain, contact us today.